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Total Window Frame Restoration & Graffiti Removal in Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire

Graffiti is an unsightly blemish on your property’s exterior and with help from Supreme Exterior Clean Ltd, you can eradicate it completely. Having invested heavily in the very best equipment and cleaning methods, our team in Bournemouth offers an eco-friendly yet effective graffiti removal service for clients in Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire.

Assessing the Damage

Faded and sun blemished Power coated window frames Window frames can be restored using our 3 step System to a condition as good as new and adds further UV protection. A lot of property owner are not aware of the regular maintenance that is required to the premises to avoid very costly dilapidation orders which they may be hit with at the end of their tenancy. On of the most common areas that it missed is the care of these types of windows. Don't be hit with expensive replacement costs and establish a maintenance plan for your property upkeep, outward appearance and retain the product lifespan and value. Remember that first impression count, and a cleaner business is likely to draw more customers which intern increase your revenues and profits.

Sample Clean

During your free consultation, our team will even demonstrate the effectiveness of our techniques in order to help you decide, by offering a sample clean of a select area. When you accept our quote, our team arrives whenever is convenient for you and conducts a thorough but environmentally sensitive cleaning of any graffiti, without causing any damage to your walls.