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Soft Washing and Steam Cleaning Services in Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire

Get a range of professional soft washing and steam cleaning services appropriate to your needs when you choose Supreme Exterior Clean Ltd. Based in Bournemouth, we provide domestic services in Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire, and we travel nationwide to undertake commercial cleaning jobs, such as listed buildings or council property. Used together, soft washing and steam cleaning are a more effective cleaning solution than pressure washing. Explore our various services and learn more about the types of cleaning we offer below.

Soft Washing

If you need algae, moss, lichen, and other organic materials and pollutants removed from your external surfaces, then you need to contact the experts. Our company has invested tens of thousands of pounds in the industry’s best equipment and our team have all undergone rigorous training and exams to become certified soft wash applicators.

Created around 25 years ago by AC Lockyer, soft washing offers an alternative to harsher cleaning methods, which are damaging to your property and to the environment in general. Using non-aggressive techniques and biodegradable cleaning chemicals, we attack the root cause of the problem. Soft washing deftly decomposes all bacteria and pollutants living on and within your rendered surfaces, without causing any damage.

Most people have never heard of this, so quite often contact the wrong companies, who almost certainly use inappropriate cleaning methods. All types of render and exterior surface should be soft washed for the most reliable and professional cleaning. 

Pressure washing causes costly damage to properties and buildings, but this is easily avoided when you engage our team for regular maintenance work instead. Hire professionals who will clean, treat, and sanitise your building’s rendered façade, with long-lasting results. While pressure washing has its uses, it is not suitable for cleaning roofs, renders, brickwork, or other soft and porous materials. For that, you want the soft washing experts at Supreme Exterior Clean Ltd.

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DOFF Steam Cleaning

If you need to clean, restore, and protect sensitive stone, turn to our team of professional cleaners for our DOFF steam cleaning service. We always look for the most appropriate methods to clean your property, taking the gentlest approach possible for maximum effectiveness and avoiding damage through incorrect practices.

DOFF steam cleaning is one of the safest, most effective ways of cleaning virtually all surfaces without any damage or shock to the substrate. Channelling very hot water through a specially designed nozzle, this low-pressure cleaning method results in quick drying, avoiding damage through trapped moisture, and leaves no damage whatsoever.

Suitable for all buildings, the DOFF steam cleaner is the only method of cleaning approved by English Heritage for use in listed buildings, where the preservation of the soft materials is paramount. All our staff hold the required equipment and qualifications to take care of your property, meaning you can choose steam cleaning from Supreme Exterior Clean Ltd with confidence.

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