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How to clean render before painting

If you’re looking to paint dull renders, soft-washing with our cleaning solution can produce long-lasting and effective results.

Renders can darken over time, but sometimes it’s extremely difficult to effectively clean them without damaging them in some way. Read on for our handy guide to how we clean renders at Supreme Exterior Clean.

Does render need cleaning?

Render can start looking dull or dirty and often this dulling of your walls happens so gradually that you don’t notice until it gets bad. Try and recall how the property first looked and compare photos if you can: most properties accumulate dirt over time.

Get a consultation

At Supreme Exterior Clean, we offer a completely free consultation with no obligation to every customer. We can provide samples to show you just how effective our cleaning methods are on renders, and once you’re happy with your quote, we can arrange an appointment.

Clean non-aggressively

Our cleaning solution composed of biocides, surfactants and bleach is powerful enough to clean your buildings without damaging them in the same way a pressure washer would. Our soft-washing is long-lasting and effective at getting to the root of the problem.

For more information about soft-washing with our cleaning solution, contact us on 01202 035713.